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Announcing the launch of blank canvas ink's social media content service

Ready to take your business to the next level?

As a consumer-facing business, you don’t want to be just a company that sells coffee. You aspire to be the authority on the best cups out of the Amazon, the stewards of sustainable practice. You want that logo of yours to represent every reason you launched this business and most importantly you want your customers to feel that way every time they see your brand's face.

Do your customers recognise you straight away?

When a prospect sees your latest Instagram post or email campaign are they aware it's you, or are you fading into the background with everyone else? Is all of your content consistent in tone and voice, if not you are never going to be remembered, and customers won’t return.

Are you saying one thing and yet everyone else is seeing another…

A brand can be instantly recognised for its visuals and those visuals must be in line with what the organisation stands for. You give me a straight-talking and professional law firm with a cursive font in a pastel pink and you can be assured I am not trusting you!

How I can help?

I want to help you grow into a beautiful and authoritative brand. I will collaborate with your business to create consistent, quickly identifiable content that can be delivered across a range of platforms to your customers. All content will be driven by narrative ensuring efficacy.

How does it work?

  • We have an initial meeting to get a feel for your aims and objectives, talk you through the process and get a feel for one another.

  • I will complete desktop research working with a questionnaire, yourself and a range of other points to understand your brand and its message.

  • I distil brand values and create a detailed proposal outlining the creative direction for the project drawing on my understanding of the brand you want to create.

  • I do a small test shoot at first and engage you for feedback

  • Once you are happy we deliver a batch of content each month that is centred around your marketing objectives and above all driven by your brand.

  • We review regularly to ensure you are happy with the service.


Why not get in touch? If you still need to know a little more head over to Blank Canvas Ink. social media content creation page.

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