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Packshot Product Photography Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

You may frequently need different product photos for your online business promotion. But have you ever heard of packshot product photography? Like, what it is, why you use it, and how much impact it can put on your business.

Well, it’s totally an amazing feature that can make your business rise from the bottom to the top.

How is it possible? And what are the best packshot product photography ideas for your eCommerce store? In this article, everything you will know in-depth.

So, let’s start it.

What is Packshot Product Photography?

According to Wikipedia,” A packshot is a still or moving image of a product, usually including its packaging and labeling, used to portray the product's reputation in advertising or other media.”

If you are an e-commerce owner, you probably use numerous types of product photography like Individual shots, group shots, lifestyle shots, etc. Later, you may take some photo editing or ghost mannequin services to prepare your product photos for the final presentation.

But today I will make you learn an interesting thing about product photography. That’s the packshot.

So cheer up, here you can get the details.

Packshot photography is a kind of product photo that contains the packaging and labeling of a product and highlights it in a charming way. It helps to present the products accurately, which increases the purchasing levels.

Every product must be shown in the exact and real look, and a packshot can perfectly do that. Because it displays the product in the exact form and contains the important information about the product on it.

So, believe it or not, customers always notice your product packaging.

That’s why the best eCommerce stores contain not only great products but also showcase amazing packshots of their items.

Why Use Packshots?

You already know what packshot is. Now, I am going to explain why you use it.

Packshot photography mainly aims to highlight the actual forms of the products. It always maintains the products as they look in real life. For that, you cannot find much scope to make an artistic or creative expression.

However, you can utilize lighting according to your choice. It allows for brighter or darker photos with exact spaces highlighted more than others. The primary objective of this photography is to make the product's colors, forms, and labeling as accurate and real as possible.

That’s why you should use packshot photography for your eCommerce store because there is no chance to distract from the products as it displays only the product and its packaging.

Moreover, it also conveys your brand logo, hallmark, and identity that can protect your customers from duplicate products and false purchases.

What Equipment Do I Need for Packshot Product Photography?

From the above discussion, you already know about packshot photography and its importance. Here you will know what elements and props you need for packshot photography.

First of all, you must manage a skilled photographer. It could be yourself or another person. Because a skilled photographer conveys a good sense of the perfect light set, camera parameters, concentration, etc.

When managing a skilled photographer, you need, therefore–

  • Camera

  • Lens

  • Lighting

  • Reflectors

  • Shooting Tables

  • Tripod

  • Pure White Background

Every piece of equipment I mentioned here is the most important to make a perfect packshot. You have no chance of avoiding them.

Packshot Product Photography Ideas to Boost Sales for Your eCommerce Store

It’s already clear how packshots play essential roles in boosting sales for your eCommerce store. And you really need it for your product promotion. Here I am providing the best packshot product photography ideas. So, stay and get it.

1. Proper Planning

To make the perfect product photograph first, you have to do proper planning. And for that purpose, you should think about the overall photography process, like camera and lens choices, their perfect setting, etc.

After that, you must plan for a studio making, like what kind of props and lighting equipment would be best such as table lamp, curtain, tripod, and more.

Also, you can plan best the angles you will capture, how many images you will take, and what kind of light and color you will use for the product and backdrops.

Apart from this, you can also plan for more facts that you want to utilize for your photoshoots. For instance, you can choose the proper timing if you want outdoor photography.

2. Right Camera Setting

When taking a shot, the right camera setting plays the most important role in making the best photograph. Here are some best ideas you can utilize for setting your camera in the right way.

  • Try to use manual camera mode. It helps you acquire good control over aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

  • Use a small aperture, which means a high f-stop number. It is useful to highlight the whole product.

  • Set a fast shutter speed because it makes a product more still and focused.

  • Try to shoot in RAW; it will be more helpful to acquire the best quality.

  • Avoid using the camera flash; it can create some problems as it makes the object unevenly lit.

3. Create a Vivid Scene to Connect With Customers

When viewing product photos online, sometimes a vivid scene can attract customers and connect them with the products. That’s why you have to think about the entire image area and its overall look apart from product appearance.

For this purpose, you can use a proper background relevant to your product. Like, you are going to capture a shot for your table lamp product. Then you can create a scene where a table lamp illuminates a reading table that contains books, pads, penholder, laptop, etc.

It definitely creates an attractive environment around your product that can really amaze your customers and make them feel like using the product. It’s absolutely helpful to persuade them to buy your products.

4. Enhance Your Lighting with a Table and Curtain

Lighting is the most important key factor of packshot photography. Perfect lighting can make your product image delightful. That’s why you have to improve your lighting technique.

You can choose natural or studio light. For the best studio lighting, you can try different props like a table and a curtain. A table can create an aesthetic illumination and look in your product photo.

Also, you can add a curtain to it. Curtain is the latest lighting process that integrates direct lights with a vertical diffuser. It helps to illuminate different zones and plays with the textures of spaces.

5. Capture Enough Images with various angle

When taking shots for eCommerce products, don’t stop at a single or two images. You must try capturing numerous shots with various angles. It will display your products exactly what they look like. There exist numerous angles that you can utilize.

  • The front angle

  • The Profile angle

  • The 45-degree angle

  • The back angle

  • The top shot

When you pick up enough images from all these angles, it will provide various options during the edit. Therefore, You can easily choose the best image, which can create extra appeal to the audience.

6. Use Color Psychology to Capture the Right Emotions

Good color psychology can create extraordinary shots capturing the right emotion. When making a photoshoot for your product, you should care about different color choices depending on your product's color and background.

For instance, in most cases, you will notice that most phones, tablets, and desktops are shot with a sleek black backdrop. Because black is considered the symbol of security and sophistication.

So, using different colors can help you convince the customers to make purchases.

Moreover, the only lifestyle product photography is useful for mixing colors.

7. Macro Shots

When capturing successful images of your products, sometimes you are required to zoom in to highlight some important details like a close-up shot.

Because customers always try to notice all the specific details of a product before going to buy. In most cases, the brand’s logo, product pattern, and design get preferred.

The macro shot will be more helpful for this purpose. It’s a close-up capture of a small object of a product. Moreover, there are several products that need macro shots like diamond rings, neckless, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

8. Create 3D Product Packshot

You can create a 3D packshot by rendering the product in 3d using CGI. A 3D packshot can create shining visuals for your products. It’s been getting popular day by day to attach customers to the products.

A 3D packshot will represent a product in a digital platform as more touchy and richer will create alluring marketing and persuade the targeted audience.

9. Build 360 Product Packshot Photos

360 product packshot photos are also known as spin photos. It’s a type of photography that captures a number of shots of a product from different angles in still mode. Therefore, these still images are converted to interactive video.

Visitors can rotate the products according to their wish when viewing this photo by moving a mouse pointer or touching the screen. Building 360 product packshot photos can help you in some ways.

  • It provides a better purchasing experience and exact information.

  • Decreases the number of returns for the products.

  • It increases conversion rates.

10. Select the Right Background

A perfect background is crucial for making a quality product photo. Though most photographers normally use a white backdrop, you can utilize anything that seems perfect and effective.

But you have to be conscious that the backdrop might not distract the attention from your product.

Moreover, You can also shoot in the outdoors where you can use nature as background like grass, Beachland, etc. Because outdoor photography is more useful for some products.

11. Make Fake Water Droplets for Frosty Beverages

Who doesn’t love a delicious frosty beverage? Foodlovers always search online for the latest drinks and beverages, especially in the hot weather.

When capturing shots for frosty beverages, you can make some unreal fake water droplets on your product surface. It will increase the consumers’ cravings and create an extra appeal to them to intake your products.

12. Retouch Your Packshot Photos

When completing the photo capturing process, it’s time to work for post-production. Because just taking a shot cannot make your product photos complete.

You still have to edit and retouch your photos. Here you can make your photos perfect by removing all the imperfections like product polishing, color correction, background removal, etc.

Product photo retouching is as important as taking the shots because it helps to showcase the products in the best way.

Final Verdict

Packshot product photography is crucial for eCommerce stores. A perfect packshot displays the real look of a product and provides the right information about it. For that, visitors get inspired to purchase it.

I hope you got the best packshot product photography ideas from this composition, and no more query exists on it. So, go forth and conquer.

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Daxton Butler
Daxton Butler

Great insights on packshot product photography! The detailed breakdown, from planning to equipment and creative ideas, is extremely helpful. Packshots play a vital role in showcasing products accurately. The tips on color psychology, lighting enhancement, and 3D rendering are especially noteworthy. Thanks for sharing these valuable ideas for eCommerce success. You can visit our site.

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