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Blank canvas ink.

stories for your eyes 

Blank canvas ink.

stories for your eyes 

Blank canvas ink.

stories for your eyes 

Midlands e-commerce photographer specialising in lifestyle product photography, commercial photography and travel photography in Birmingham.

BE the star of the show with our product photography in Birmingham

blank canvas ink. offer professional product photography in Birmingham. The best product photography studio coming to your door to deliver on-location photography or shooting products here at the best product photography studio in the midlands we aim to cater to your needs.

Offering ecommerce photography be it lifestyle product photography or studio shots, we will deliver. Let us help deliver your hero to the customer.

Further specialising in food and drink photography blank canvas ink. delivers your restaurant/bars identity to the modern consumer. We can help you establish your brand online building trust with and exposing you to your prospective clientele. This is complemented with our interior photography services to best represent your brand.

Lifestyle Product Photography Birmingham

Some of our happy clients include: 

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The best Birmingham Photographer here to deliver your brand to the modern consumer. 

Our Promise

'The best Birmingham photographer' 

Vying to be the best commercial photographer in Birmingham is more than just about taking great photos, it is about understanding clients and forging lasting relationships. It is about solving and owning any issue from before the start and beyond the finish. There are many local product photographers in Birmingham, let us be the best for you and your business.

Travel Photography Peru. 

We aim to be the best product photography studio for any business big or small achieved by moulding our work to your audience in order to achieve engagement.

The Postproduction Process.

Product photography in Birmingham is under new management! Our post-processing services are what really set blank canvas ink. ahead as the best commercial product photographer in Birmingham. A fresh stylistic approach honed through 1000s of hours of practice and research is what makes our photographs so unique.

In the era of the attention wars Instagram is everything and Amazon is the new bricks and mortar. Too many local product photographers in Birmingham are stuck in the past, it requires modern tasteful edits in order to capture the eyes of the audience.

Proper Post Processing is the practice of the best product photography studio, not just an afterthought, it is how your brand lives through the images.

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Make your way to blank canvas ink. 


The home of the best product photography studio in the midlands. We don't only work out of here, we can travel to you and deliver a studio-level operation wherever your business needs us. 

P.S the fridge is always fully stocked for blankcanvasink. clients.