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I’m Richard Goodwin-Wilcox a graphic food and product photographer with a playful twist! Blank Canvas Ink is my brand and I operate out of North London where I design and execute content for ad campaigns.  

I am a huge fan of colour, be it David Hockney's magnificently vibrant work, or the profound use of hue in La La Land I take my inspiration where the rainbow is at its boldest. 

I am an expert vetted creator on Upwork operating in the top fraction of a % of freelancers on the global platform. I have worked with International clients including Aveeno and The Vegan Society. Nonetheless, I have also worked with nimble startups where I act as an art director while being the cameraman.  

In more recent years I have delved into creating stop-motion videos in addition to photography. 

If you can't find me right away in the studio I will probably be off climbing a mountain somewhere, forgive me, the signal is not great. 

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