Hello, I’m Richard Goodwin-Wilcox, the creative force behind Blank Canvas Ink. I never really set out to become a creative product photographer; while taking photographs, I stumbled into the profession on my adventures across the globe documenting my journey as I went. As I continued to take images, I discovered I had a natural eye for composition, with a lot of practice I refined that eye to create the stunning photography I am now known for today.

I can’t say that I thought while walking the mountain trails in Peru I would find myself where I am now, being contacted by the likes of 02 for my services. Formed in 2019, I as Blank Canvas Ink aim to be the best Manchester Photographer. Adding product photography into my arsenal of disciplines as a photographer was thwart with challenges, I was so used to images forming in front of me and having the right eye to capture them, being a great product photographer however is about creating those images in one's mind and being able to realise them on set.

My prior work taught me one thing, the importance of perspective, it is no good just taking a pretty photograph and moving on, in order to have impact, the images must convey a story. Understanding this and applying it to all areas of my discipline is what sets Blank Canvas Ink apart from other eCommerce photographers in Greater Manchester

. This approach means understanding the brands and the clients that I am working with, taking their story, and telling it to their prospective customers and in this way building an identity that resonates with its stakeholders.

As a photographer, I am not only invested in your story but I am aware of how quickly this industry is moving, I am clued in on the unique demands that the digital age has on brands and their constant need to produce high-quality content for many different distribution channels. Working with Blank Canvas Ink is an opportunity to work with a photographer who was born online, ready to deliver cutting-edge creative photography for the modern consumer and ultimately delivering your story to the masses in a way which captivates.