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Manchester Product Photography: New Work Veg 1 x BCI

Some images of product photography in manchester
Veg 1, Product Photography in Manchester.

I’m excited to show you what I have been working on recently. I teamed up with the Vegan Society to create some new Manchester product photography.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Veg 1, the brand owned by the vegan society, on their new range of vegan supplements designed to meet the nutritional needs of vegans of all ages.

The new products include a liquid multivitamin for toddlers and tablets for adults. The campaign features vibrant and graphic images that showcase the new Veg 1 brand.

The images were art-directed by me in conjunction with the marketing team at the vegan society, who gave me a lot of creative freedom and guidance. They wanted the images to reflect the values and vision of Veg 1, as well as to appeal to a wide audience of potential customers.

Product photography for vitamins.
Product photo Manchester for Veg 1

The campaign utilised print media including the Guardian newspaper, as well as online platforms and social media. The campaign aims to promote Veg 1 as a trusted and innovative brand that offers high-quality supplements for vegans.

Veg 1 Product photograph for ad campaign

I enjoyed creating this campaign with a wonderful team. As a Manchester product photography studio that specialises in creating stunning and creative images for vegan and ethical brands, I was thrilled to work with Veg 1. They are a brand that I admire and respect, and I wanted to do justice to their products and their message. I captured the essence of the Veg 1 products and their benefits, using bright colours, natural backgrounds and playful props. I experimented with different angles, lighting and compositions to create images that are eye-catching and appealing. The photos convey the message that Veg 1 is a brand for everyone who cares about their health and the environment. I’m proud of the results and I hope you like them too.

The vegan society came to me because my bold, graphic, fun and playful style of photography suited their brand. They had seen some of my previous work for other vegan and ethical brands and liked my approach and vision. They gave me a brief that outlined their goals, target audience, tone of voice and key messages for the campaign.

Geometric repeating pattern photograph.
Geometric repeating pattern photograph.

One of the main challenges of the project was tying together many team members and doing all of the art-direction to create a cohesive brand in line with their other assets. I had to coordinate with the product designers, the copywriters, the printers, the web developers and the social media managers to ensure that the images were consistent and aligned with the overall strategy. I also had to balance the creative vision with the practical constraints of time, budget and resources.

The brand identity had already been established, it was for me to interpret and translate it photographically. I used their colour palette, fonts, logo and icons as a starting point and added my own flair and personality to them. I chose backgrounds and props that matched their colours and themes, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, books and toys. I also used some of their slogans and catchphrases as captions or overlays on some of the images.

We measured the success of the campaign based on the responses that they got to their content compared to previous campaigns. We looked at metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, engagement, reach and sentiment. We also collected feedback from the Veg 1 team and the customers through surveys, reviews, testimonials and social media comments. The results were very positive and showed that the campaign achieved its objectives and increased awareness, interest and loyalty for Veg 1.

I learned a lot from this project and it influenced my future work in many ways. Some of the key takeaways or best practices that I can share with other product photographers are:

  • Communicate clearly and frequently with your clients and collaborators. Make sure you understand their expectations, preferences and feedback. Keep them updated on your progress and challenges.

  • Be flexible and adaptable. Be prepared to make changes or adjustments based on new information or circumstances. Be open to new ideas or suggestions that can improve your work.

  • Be creative and original. Don’t be afraid to try new things or experiment with different styles or techniques. Find ways to express your unique voice and vision through your images.

  • Have fun and enjoy your work. Show your passion and enthusiasm for your craft and your clients’ products. Make your images fun and engaging for your audience.

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