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Amazon Search Analytics - How You Can Improve Your Selling Rate

Being an Amazon seller, you know that getting your products in front of potential buyers is key to success. And the best way to do this is through effective Amazon search engine optimization (SEO).

Did you know that Amazon offers a Search Analytics tool that can help you improve your selling rate? This tool provides data on how customers find your products, is your Amazon Photography effective, what keywords they're using to search for them, etc.

By understanding this data, you can make better decisions about marketing your products on Amazon. In this article, we'll explain what Amazon's Search Analytics tool is and how you can use it to boost your sales.

What Is The Amazon Search Analytics Tool?

Since Amazon wants as many sellers on its platform, they've introduced a new service for those who participate in Brand Registry. Sellers can now access analytics to uncover popular search terms and robust data about buyers' behavior, whether basket analysis, buyer behavior, conversion analysis data, search frequency, traffic data, and popular search terms.

Around 2017, Amazon employees began to steal and sell analysis reports to any Amazon brand willing to pay the price. Naturally, this created a problem for other brands because they could not understand how their products performed among other competitors on the market. However, Amazon realized the unethical behavior of the employees was causing issues. Thus, the Brand Analytics Tool was created.

Brand analytics can be seen as one answer from many businesses striving to understand customer behaviors better while also providing more meaningful insights into what drives success or failure.

The Amazon Search Analytics or the Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) tool goes beyond an amazon store's standard data, thus providing valuable insights into customer search behavior, your product's performance, and competitors.

Types Of Data On ABA Reports:

Brand analytics provide a way for brands to stay on top of what consumers want by tracking their preferences and behavior. This empowers them with the knowledge that they can use this information in making decisions about product lineups, marketing strategies, or advertising campaigns based on current consumer trends. Currently, the ABA contains 5 types of data reports:

  1. Amazon Search Terms

  2. Customer Demographics

  3. Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior

  4. Market Basket Analysis

  5. Repeat Purchase Behavior

This information is invaluable for any business looking to take on new clients or expand into different markets with an already established product line.

How To Become Eligible For Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) is a tool that any 3P seller enlisted in the Amazon Brand Registry can monitor their performance and find out how they are doing in terms of sales.

Your brand must meet specific requirements to become eligible for using Amazon Brand Analytics. You must be a brand owner, a member of the Amazon Brand Registry for this service, and you must be the person responsible for everything the brand is selling on Amazon and possess an active registered trademark for your brand.

What Does The Amazon Brand Analytics Report Entail?

Brand reports give you the power to understand how your customers interact with and perceive your brand. This information can help identify opportunities for branding campaigns that will increase sales on Amazon and improve the quality of listings. Undermentioned are the 5 types of data each report entails:

Amazon Search Terms:

This First Section shows the top daily, weekly, and monthly search terms. There are over 2 million total entries on this list. This dataset is a goldmine of information, especially for search engine optimization and Amazon Photography optimization. It includes the following:

Search Terms:

These are the top search terms customers use to find products they are interested in, as well as the corresponding items being sold.

Search Frequency Rank:

This keyword ranking is based on search volume. The Amazon algorithm is yet to be understood clearly. Still, it sounds like some factors are involved in the process that takes into account how often a keyword appears vs. its potential popularity for being used by users.

Click Share:

This is the percentage of clicks your product received compared to all other products on the search result page. This number can tell you how well-valued your product is and how it varies based on the time frame selected.

Conversion Share:

This shows how well, based on conversion rate compared to other products on offer during a certain period. It's usually denoted by a percentage and can indicate what success rate you're looking at when creating your campaign.

Market Basket Analysis:

Market Basket Analysis is an amazing tool to use if you want insight into what other products people often buy along with your product. It’s data that shows up for frequently bought together. It reports on certain items' product combination rate, title, and ASIN within a specific time frame.

Customer Demographics:

Brand analytics can tell you who your customers are and what they might need. It provides demographic information, like education, gender, marital status, household income, and age range. This is an excellent way to build out the persona of any customer base!

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior:

The Item Comparison & Alternate Purchase Behavior report is a great way to see which items your customers compare your product against. You'll be able to the top three products that are most often compared with yours, so you can focus on beating those to get the upper hand.

Repeat Purchase Behavior:

With Amazon Brand Analytics, you can easily see which products have been bought again and when. This information provides a list of the specific items purchased by your customers on Amazon at a certain point in time. This report includes the number of repeat purchases, ordered product sales, orders, repeat customers, and unique customers.


The Amazon Search Analytics tool can help you improve your selling rate on the platform. By understanding the types of data that are available in ABA reports, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your product listings and increase your sales.

If you're not currently eligible for Amazon Brand Analytics, reach out to us to learn more about how we can set you up to get access. Our team is excited to help your business grow!

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