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Product photography News: Step into spring - March

The best Manchester Product photography service is moving into a new season. Despite the snow on the ground (at least where I am), Spring is just around the corner no more than 10 days away in fact. Just a week more and the clocks will be heading forward, time is literally of the essence! With all that in mind now is the perfect time to lock in your marketing materials to kick off the budding season, not to mention Easter is on the near horizon!

If you missed it last month I launched our social media and marketing content creation service. Working with my editors we offer a rolling monthly service delivering fantastic branded content ready to go out across paid and organic socials as well as some great shots and stop-motion for your latest email campaign.

After a little feedback, we have greatly expanded the home page to ensure you have a lot more insight as to what is on offer.

The first month is currently 50% OFF! With no commitment, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the services for yourself.



The sun shines a little brighter, the air is a little warmer and the birds begin to sing, yes it can only be one thing…Spring. As the daisies begin to sprout and the daffodils wake from their annual slumber Britain turns into a Wordsworth poem this time of year. It was this essence that we wanted to catch when working on this piece with the Vegan Society.

Harmonising the sky-blue tones of the label the background creates an open April sky from which the daises sprout. The yellow head contrasts pleasantly to create the spring sunshine. I worked with the Vegan Society to create a collection of images that spanned the whole year, this shot was created for the turn of the season.



Social Media Content Service:

You can view the social media content services I offer in detail at this link. If you are interested be sure not to miss out on 50% OFF your first month.

New Project management tool for clients

A few months ago I decided to make the administrative process of client projects more transparent. In doing so I moved all the management onto a custom Notion work page. I have created a template so that clients can get a feel for the new workspace and the benefits it offers.

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